Digital Terrestrial, September Brings Some New Tv Channels: Need To Retune

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The new digital terrestrial technology continues in this September 2021. This week too, we point out that there are a number of channels on a national and local basis, which will further expand the already rich list.

We start with what happened in the Mux TIMB 2, where RTL 102.5 News was added, transmitted in high definition (1440×1080 pixels) and present at LCN 233. On the same mux is present, at position 36, RTL 102.5 and LCN 236 RTL 102.5 HD, but other duplicates are also available at number 736 and 737.

Also on a national basis, the Mux DFree now features the duplicate of Donna Shopping, which is confirmed at number 255 at LCN 231. The new channel is proposed with the identified TV charm and transmits in MPEG-4 SD in H.264.

To fully hook up these innovations, it is necessary to re-synthonize the apparatuses and apparatuses, a procedure that has now become a practice in view of the imminent switch off to DVB-T2, which will start already on October 15th 2021 with the beginning of

In short, the next few weeks are expected to be really lively for the many users who rely on the digital terrestrial platform to access the programming of the main generalist and non-generalist channels.

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