Directx 12 Unlocks The Bomb: Video Encoding With Gpu Acceleration On Windows 11

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As a clear-sky lightning, Microsoft announced on the official devblog the arrival of a resounding feature for Intel and NVIDIA video cards, with support for AMD hardware coming in 2022.

Available directly on Windows 11, the new update will allow you to give additional inspiration to professional workflows in all those work suites that support encoding by hardware acceleration. This is vital because it could allow a new benchmark to be set in industry without having to exploit proprietary technologies of another kind.

At present, the new DirectX 12 APIs offer the Encoding Video on codec H.264 and NEVC. As already mentioned, the new library is an integral part of Windows 11, but you can also find it in the SDK DirectX 12 Agility, starting from the build 1.700.10-preview. As for hardware support, Intel’s currently compatible platforms are Tiger Lake and Ice Lake, with support for Alder Lake coming in 2022, waiting for news on Intel ARC gaming video cards, which could make their debut during As for NVIDIA, from the driver version 471.41 onwards support for GPUs with Turing and Ampere architecture, including the Quadro RTX range, will be guaranteed.

The AMD compatible counterparts will be, from the second quarter of 2022, all Radeon RX video cards from the 5000 Series onwards and Ryzen from the 2xxxx version up. In our guide to the first live on Twitch we talked about the importance of the presence of an encoder, stressing that the presence of NVENC functionality inside NVIDIA video cards made them particularly suitable for the purpose.

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