Discovering Lykoi, The “Wolf Cat” Has Become Very Popular Lately

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If your cat lost most of the hair and the sight looked thin and “sick,” what would you do? Of course you’d take him to the vet right away. This is what happened in May 2021 to a cat owner… and then discover that it was simply a “new species,” the “wolf-cat,” also called Lykoi.

A Lykoi – also called a werewolf cat – suffers from a rare genetic mutation that sometimes makes him lose most of his hair. It emerged about 20 years ago in Tennessee, but was officially recognized about 10 years ago. Cats are not carriers of the same gene as Sphynx (the hairless cat) and, although their hairs can fall almost completely, they grow back.

The species of these cats, as you can imagine, is rare and cause less allergies than “normal” cats. For this reason, in some environments they have become very popular (by the way, do you know that your cat can know where you are even when he doesn’t see you?). Much of what we know about wolf cats comes from some recent studies of the species. The breed shows “ipotrichia,” i.e. a congenital lack of hair caused by a reduction in the average number of follicles.

The species of this creature is still relatively new, but it does not seem to have any disease or health problem associated with the mutation. “To maintain diversity in the population, farmers have actively recruited cats with similar phenotypes for the breeding programme […]. The race is growing in popularity because of the novelty of appearance, lack of concern for health problems and name and charismatic nature,” one can read in a study on the creature. Any more of that? You know that cat owners fall into five distinct categories?

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