Discovering Rujm El-Hiri, Nicknamed The “Stonehenge Del Levante”

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On our planet you can find really many important archaeological sites. In Israel, for example, there is Rujm el-Hiri, one of the largest and oldest stone ruins in the Golan Heights.

For the construction of Rujm el-Hiri 37,500-40,000 tons of stones were used, stacked up to a height of 2 meters. According to experts, it would have taken 25,000 men to build this facility, which earned itself the nickname of “Stonehenge of the Levant” (by the way, why was Stonehenge built? What was the point?). The site has incomplete internal rings, but it seems that some of them are more oval than the outer ring.

About 1,500 years after the initial construction of the rings was added to the center a mound that protects what seems to be a funeral chamber. Some believe that the site is about 5,000 years old, but very few artifacts have been found to help archaeologists with the dating of this period.

Recent studies, in fact, claim that the site was built between the beginning of the fourth millennium and the middle of the third millennium before Christ. According to many hypotheses, this place was used for the execution of ceremonies on the shorter and longer days of the year, also acting as an astronomical observatory for celestial events.

Theories about the site are many, some think it was served as an altar to offer offerings to the gods or as a grave for the most important sovereigns… but most likely it was used as “heavenly calendar.” According to archaeologists, the walls of the site indicated the rise of the stars during a specific period, and was also used to predict the rainy season.

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