Discovering The “Strips Of The Devil” Of Caserta Created By The Hominids 350,000 Years Ago

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Near the Vulcano off Roccamonfina, inside the Regional Park of Roccamonfina-Foce Garigliano in the province of Caserta, you can find the so-called “Ciampasse del Diavolo

These fingerprints were created after someone walked over the ash left after an eruption. According to popular accounts, footprints could have been created by a demon, for only a demonic being could walk on the still hot ash (“Devil’s Crystals” in Italian means “Devil’s Imprint”). Today, however, we know that demons have nothing to do with it.

Who left these tracks? It is impossible to say for sure, especially because these footsteps seem to have been left by 5 different individuals. They are certainly not Homo sapiens, since their characteristic traits developed only 315,000 years ago. Over the years, studies have been mixed: some people thought they were Homo heidelbergensis, Homo di Denisovan or the Homo di Neanderthal (by the way, you know that the oldest fossils were found). That’s when they go back.

“We have decided to maintain the attribution to a specific species still pending,” said Chief Researcher Adolfo Panarello to Michael Marshall of New Scientist in 2020. We do not know why these hominids crossed a still glowing mountain, but their enterprise has been impressed in history.

According to scientists’ calculations, also, this ash “cover” was about 50 degrees Celsius hot, which means that it took at least several hours between an eruption and the journey. In the meantime, do you know why the Neanderthals are extinct? It’s a series of unfortunate events.

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