Do Mosquitoes Get Drunk If They Suck The Blood Of A Person Who Has Drunk Alcohol?

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Scientists certainly like to ask themselves the strangest things, and many times they even find an answer. So, some time ago, they wondered: if mosquitoes suck the blood of a drunken person, do these insects get drunk? Indeed, such an experiment has been conducted, but not with mosquitoes.

“The implications of this question are profound,” said entomologist Michael Raupp. No major studies have been carried out on this subject targeting mosquitoes, but we have an answer regarding leeches. Meanwhile, what we know is that insects can get drunk, even bees can get fed on fermented nectar.

Thus, in 1994 Norwegian scientists Anders Baerheim and Hogne Sandvik wondered if beer could affect leeches. Six of these creatures were immersed briefly in several glasses of beer. After exposure to the drink that was also drunk in Egypt, some leeches began to behave in a strange way, swaying their fore bodies, losing their grip or falling on their backs.

Back to mosquitoes, we don’t know if they can get drunk if they suck the blood of a drunken person, but most likely, since they also feed on rotten fruit and fermented fruit, they have developed a respectable tolerance for alcohol completely natural. Even elephants get drunk if they drink wine… and it happened in China.

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