Do You Have To Buy A New Tv To Access The Digital Terrestrial Dvb-T2?

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We have repeatedly talked about the switch off at DVB-T2 on these pages, and the postponement decided by the Ministry of Economic Development recently has only increased the discussions around the passage. Let’s try to get down to the details though.

With the imminence of the switch off at DVB-T2 (on October 15th we start with the transition to MPEG-4), many are discovering that they do not have a compatible TV that can support the new standard, and exploiting the new

But is it really necessary and mandatory to buy a new TV to access the DVB-T2 standard?

The answer is no. If you own a dated TV and therefore not compatible with DVB-T2, in fact, you can reduce your expense by purchasing a compatible decoder on Amazon or at any retailer. What you need to do is check the TV entrance and then tell the store: if the TV is equipped with HDMI ports, you can use them to connect the decoder. Alternatively, SCART inputs are still available.

By purchasing the decoder you can also take advantage of the 50 Euro TV bonus that was put on the field by the previous Government and that is still active. However, be careful to check the ISEE requirements.

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