Do You Like The Smell Of Freshly Cut Grass? It Is Produced By The Pain Of Plants

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We all happened to smell the freshly cut grass at least once. For many people this smells good but the reason plants release such chemical compounds into the air is more macabre than you think!

Scientists have said that when attacked by insects or lawnmowers, plants can release these chemical compounds to communicate with their fellow humans and warn them of imminent attacks. Basically, it’s their way of “screaming.”

When studies on wild tobacco were conducted, German scientists noted that when they were infected by the caterpillars, Sext Manduca, plants were able to produce chemicals that would attract predatory insects from caterpillars, the Geocoris, from the geoco family.

Researchers have also discovered, as they already assumed, that the chemical signals of plants are altered by the saliva of the caterpillars Manduca sexta, although it is not clear how this happens.

It is a kind of beneficial predators because their function is mainly to eat parasites in such a way that they keep insect populations within acceptable levels. Often they are confused with the bug, because of the color, which instead is a parasite.

So what we know is that although very rudimentary, there could be something similar to a form of language between plants based on these chemical compound productions that disperse into the air.

It is interesting because as we have already told before, there is no way or advantage for plants to develop an intelligence or a consciousness through something that resembles a “brain,” so their communication system is for us something absolutely unknown and currently unexplained,

Plants, which have a rather singular reaction if they grow near a corpse, are very fascinating and surprising creatures for this reason will continue to be studied, at least until everything is more clear and understandable for us!

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