Does Rice Really Blow Up Birds? That’s Why It’s Sometimes Banished In Marriages

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There is one thing that unites (almost) all peoples when someone marries: the throwing of rice, a tradition that exists since the Assyrians and the Egyptians. The launch is implemented to wish and give the newlyweds luck, fertility and abundance… but is it true what is said about birds? Do they explode when they ingest it?

It is not clear where this idea came from, but it began to be extremely popular in the late 1980s, when even the legislator of the state of Connecticut discussed a bill banning the throwing of rice at marriages (you know that recently an experiment However, rice does not explode birds after eating it and indeed, many birds eat it as the main element of their diet.

According to legend, in fact, rice – which absorbs water very well – once inside the birds’ entrails would absorb all the water and make them explode. Yes, we know that the theory is neither in heaven nor on earth, but in 2002 some students tested these rumors about rice about about 600 birds – by the way, how many birds exist on Earth? Their number is incredible.

The first thing they found was that white rice increased by 33% when it was immersed (nothing of striking), but the most significant discovery was with instant rice, which expanded from 2.4 to 2.7 times its Scientists initially tried to expand with models specially designed to simulate the birds’ entrails, but only a paper bag full of instant white rice burst after about 15 minutes.

After the discovery, scientists decided to feed 60 birds only with instant white rice and water… but nothing happened! No bird ever exploded eating rice. Today, however, many times throwing rice after a marriage is forbidden the same, not because of fear of the explosion of a bird, but because you are afraid of falls or accidents related to rice, which could cause passers-by to slip.

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