Does The Electronic Identity Card Replace The Health Card?

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Health Card and Electronic Identity Card are the two most used documents by Italians, and especially the first one because of vaccines and pandemics has become increasingly important in recent months. Many, however, continue to confuse them.

On the web in fact the word has spread that the Electronic Identity Card (here we explain what can be done with the CIE) can be performed instead of the Health Card. The answer is no, and these rumors are not true.

On the Electronic Identity Card, in fact, there is the tax code, but not the number of Health Card that is indicated only on the latter. Even if you show it in the pharmacy instead of the card, you will not be able to access the services connected to it, and the same applies also in the vaccine hubs. The barcode of the Health Card, which is read by health authorities, is different from that of the CIE.

Our advice, to avoid any problems, is to follow the guide that explains how to have the Health Card on your mobile phone.

The Health Card replaces the old tax code card (the green one issued by the Ministry of Economy and Finance that, however, has not been used in Italy for some years).

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