Does This Picture Depict A Martian Or Terrestrial Landscape? The Answer Will Surprise You

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Many times we have found ourselves dealing with jokes of nature such as surreal landscapes, pareidolias or optical illusions, and it is often difficult to give a correct answer from the outset for what we see. Today’s photo depicts a unique landscape: do you think it’s Mars or Earth?

The image you find at the bottom of the news was shared by one of NASA’s observation centers (the official link you find here) with the intention of pushing the curious and more careful of you to guess what you are actually looking at. Try to think about it for a second and then find the answer in the gallery at the end of the page (but don’t cheat!)

Although colors may betray human feelings and suggest that they are Mars, they are actually related to a satellite Earth photo, more specifically to Southern Jordan. It is one of those areas that is most often confused with the Red Planet, due to the presence of reddish sand dunes and scattered sedimentary rocks: here is the Wadi Rum, a valley dug in the course of millions of

You regret that it is so similar to Mars that even Ridley Scott took advantage of it to shoot many scenes of his “The Martian”! Scott thought that the scenario was such a good approximation of Mars that it made only a few changes during film editing.

According to the director himself, he has limited himself to adding a background red dust to many shots and occasionally some clouds generated to the computer, in addition to dust storms for a more dramatic effect (and representing one of the few “force” and film license that the

A bit jokingly you could say that the landscape you see in the photo is of type both terrestrial and Martian. A unique feature that you will not find anywhere else in the world. In the second picture below you can also see how the captions show where most of the scenes were shot (“Filming Location”).

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