Doge, It’s Official: Now On Tesla’s Website You Pay With Memecoin

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After the first payment tests in DOGE on Tesla, finally came the official and announced it was, as always, Elon Musk himself. Now, according to the Twitter profile of the multibillionaire eccentric, “you can buy Tesla merchandise with Dogecoin.”

In fact, a few hours ago there had been a particularly important rally, due to the news of the presence of suggestions in the backend of the site but above all to the same announcement of Elon Musk on payments in DOGE. At present, however, the payment with Dogecoin is available in clear for all users.

Any examples? The S3XY Mug cup, at the cost of 150 DOGE, or the belt buckle Giga Texas Belt Buckle with its 835 DOGE, or the Cyberquad for boys, sold at 12020 DOGE, equal to

One of the most curious aspects of the whole story is that some of these items are currently sold out or can only be purchased in Dogecoin, if still available. The fans’ response, therefore, did not wait.

How did the market respond to the news instead? On the evening of January 14, 2021, DOGE traded for $0.8 per coin with a +15% increase, while in the afternoon we saw a peak of up to 0.21 dollars. It is therefore particularly evident that the public is still extremely attentive to assessing Elon Musk’s moves and posts and members.

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