Don’t You Know How To Spend A Million Dollars? Buy “Big John”

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The triceratops is a massive species of dinosaur, of the ceratopsids family, lived in the Cretaceous millions of years ago. The species could reach considerable dimensions, necessary to face the ferocious predators of the time. In 2014, the bones of the largest triceratops ever discovered, nicknamed “Big John,” were brought to light.

The colossal specimen, originating in the ancient Laramidia continent (corresponding to a portion between Alaska and Mexico), was found in excellent state of conservation, thanks to the mud characteristic of the area of the discovery.

Following the excavations, the bones of the specimen were taken over by an Italian company, based in Trieste, to carry out restoration works. Once concluded, a study group, made up of researchers from the University of Bologna and Chieti, worked to rebuild the skeleton of the creature, allowing to appreciate its enormous dimensions.

The additional peculiarity of the bone remains lies in the completeness of the skull and the cranial compagnies, which led Iacopo Briano, paleontologist at the head of the project of reconstruction of “Big John,” to say “We It is a masterpiece, especially because there are many of Triceratops skulls in the world, but very few are almost complete.”

From the analysis of the findings it was possible to ascertain the size of the creature. According to estimates ♪ Big John ♪ was 8 meters long and was The skeleton, thus assembled, will be put on sale in October in a famous Parisian auction house, called Drouot, whose experts have evaluated the sale price, which will be around between 1.4 and 1.77 million dollars

Before going to the auction, however, the mighty triceratops (the ancestors of whom seem to have been biped) will be exhibited in an Italian square, to allow people to admire the imposing mastodon, coming from a world past and forgotten The hope is to see, in the near future, “Big John” in a museum, available to enthusiasts and scholars, rather than being kept in a private collection.

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