Drones Without Pilot With Missiles Soon Available To The Italian Air Force?

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Attack drones without pilot. This is what the Italian Air Force, known internationally as Italian Air Force, could soon have available, according to some online rumors. In fact, the Reaper locals should be equipped with missiles shortly.

Indiscretion has been revived by sources like Republic, which seem to be giving the news for sure. In any case, everything started from an official document publicly circulated through the website of the Ministry of Defence on August 4, 2021. The 258-page document refers to an operation that “will ensure increased levels of security and protection in the field of convoy escort missions, making available a flexible air-defense capability. It will also introduce a new protection option for both ground forces and aircraft during high intensity/valence operations.”

For those who did not know, the Air Force has so far used these remote pilot drones (UAV) simply for reconnaissance, while according to Republic now, in the context of an operation that sees in total well In other words, a “transformation” should take place.

For the moment there does not seem to be any information on what the missiles chosen in this context might be. However, some rumors suggest that it might be American Hellfires, although nothing is certain at this stage, as official communications on the matter are a bit “smooth.” In short, it is better to wait for further confirmations, as some sources are questioning even the fact that he was really chosen to arm the Reaper, as reported by the Republic.

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