Elegoo Beats All Records With Jupiter And Announces A New 3D Dlp Printer

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An incredible start to the Kickstarter campaign of Elegoo Jupiter, a 3D printer with MSLA wide-volume technology, with 12.8 inch display. As was absolutely predictable, the price super early-bird represented a glowing opportunity for fans.

We remember that the first 500 pieces were offered at the amount of 600 dollars, for a discount of more than 50% on the list price. After the campaign opened, Elegoo wanted to celebrate with users the achievement of $2 million in just 30 minutes, with a target that had instead been set at only $100,000.

It was a unique and rare occasion, especially because of the incredible relationship between price and volume build.

At the same time, however, Elegoo has also announced that the new Elegoo Mars 3 in DLP version will soon be released on the market. We recall that although both DLP and MSLA use the same material, that is, the photosensitive liquid resin, there is a substantial difference between the two techniques that makes the DLP print much more accurate and reliable.

To find out the differences in detail, we suggest you to take a look at our mini-guide on the various 3D printing techniques between FDM, SLA and DLP.

The news of a new Mars 3 DLP comes just a couple of weeks away from the announcement by rival Anycubic of the first DLP consumer printer.

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