Elon Musk Is On The Roof Of The World: He Enriched Himself More Than Anyone In 2021 According To Forbes

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The billionaire who got the most rich in 2021 in the world is Elon Musk. The ranking published by Forbes has been thought about: the mind behind Tesla and SpaceX is essentially the person of the year.

The companies of the atypical entrepreneur have in fact favilled in 2021, so much to bring the fortunes of the 50-year-old Musk to worth something like 245,1 billion dollars, according to the most recent analyses published in another deepening of Forbes. The latter figure refers to 17 December 2021 and makes a profit of 90 billion dollars compared to the beginning of the year (in the original ranking instead referred to 265.4 billion dollars, for a gain of 109.8 billion dollars). In short, it was a year to say the least good for the head of Tesla and SpaceX, which, by the way, comes after a 2020 in which Musk had earned more than 110 billion dollars.

Yes, you understand: in just two years, the atypical entrepreneur has “put aside” a total of about 200 billion dollars. On the other hand, Musk has managed a number of situations well, from the great projects of SpaceX, which have made the fans of the space world dream, to the increase in the value of the actions of Tesla. Of course, problems and disputes have not been lacking: just think of the lack of chips or the tweets of the CEO, which caused some “brain graffiti.”

Despite this, Musk certainly had a great year, placing himself first among the billionaires who earned the most in 2021. Among other things, the second place is the Indian entrepreneur Gautam Adani and his family, who “stop” at a total value of 81.1 billion dollars, as well as an annual gain of 52.5 billion dollars.

As for the other tech figures in the world that fall into the ranking, in third place there is Larry Page of Google/Alphabet (total value of 126.3 billion dollars, annual gain of 49.1 billion dollars), to fourth

Interestingly, the seventh place Steve Ballmer of Microsoft (owner also of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team, total value of $107.5 billion, gain in 2021 of $32.3 billion), the eighth

Speaking of the latter, it is interesting to remember that Musk recently published a tweet about an interview with Gates in 1995 in the context of the David Letterman show, in which the famous presenter took a bit of a joke the founder of The CEO of Tesla has therefore wanted to underline how unpredictable the future in the tech field is, referring to the current debate on the Web3 (Web 3.0), a vision of the world linked to the Internet that tries to distance itself from the Big Tech, especially in terms

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