Elon Musk Makes Fun Of Apple And Announces The 50 Dollars Tesla Whistle

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On the edge of the Apple Unleashed event on October 18, when Cupertino’s house announced the new Macbook Pros, a particular Apple cloth was shown with a cost of 25 dollars. The object has aroused the hilarity of technology enthusiasts, but it went sold-out as soon as it was put up for sale.

Among the many replicas of Apple’s announcement of the cloth was also Elon Musk, who ironically answered a tweet by Cupertino CEO Tim Cook. Now, however, Musk’s joke seems to have moved to another level: Tesla has announced its “Cyberwhistle,” a gadget available at the “modic” price of 50 Dollars.

The object is a whistle and was announced on Twitter by Elon Musk himself, inviting his fans to “shool Tesla.” The gadget is also inspired by the design of Tesla Cyberruck, whose release date on the market instead continues to drift away over time.

Musk’s announcement resumes and criticizes Apple’s cloth once again, saying, “Don’t throw your money on that stupid Apple cloth, buy our whistle instead!” The product page on Tesla’s website gives a more complete description of it, and says: “Inspired by Cyberruck, Cyberwhistle is a limited edition collectable gadgets made of stainless steel with finishes The whistle includes an integrated strap for greater versatility.”

The Cyberwhistle is available on Tesla’s website at 50 Dollars, and there is no news about the delivery date to whom will decide to buy it: the only hope is that it will arrive before Tesla Cyberruck, which was

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