Elon Musk Ready To Send Starlink Terminals To Tonga For Internet Connection

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Elon Musk’s response to the request for help from Tonga, the island that was hit by the severe volcanic eruption last Saturday, has arrived and is practically isolated because the only cable for the internet has been destroyed.

South African entrepreneur, in response to an article published by Reuters that the Internet in Tonga should return to business in at least a month, Musk asked for clarification: “People in Tonga let us know if it is necessary that SpaceX send Star terminals

This tweet brought to Musk’s attention the letter from Shane Reti, the New Zealand Parliament member who was asking for help from South African CEO. SpaceX CEO replied that he was looking for a “clear confirmation” as SpaceX does not “have enough satellites with laser connections.”

It is unclear when this Starlink mission will start to restore Internet connectivity in Tonga, but Elon Musk has said he is willing to help populations who have been virtually isolated for almost a week.

From the satellite connection service front, a report recently emerged that wants astronomers furious with Elon Musk as Starlink’s satellites would be in a fifth of the images taken by telescopes.

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