Elon Musk Teases Jeff Bezos For Immortality Technology

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Some leaked online rumors report that Amazon’s founder and Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos, would be investing millions of Dollars in a mysterious startup that is working on anti-aging research. The news also came to Elon Musk’s ears, who mocked his colleague.

On yesterday’s Musk, obviously through his official Twitter account, said that if the research did not bear the desired fruit, Jeff Bezos “will cause death.”

The tweet quickly became viral and triggered the hilarity of its followers, who made jokes about the project on which Bezos is investing. The startup is called Altos Labs and is looking for ways to block or reverse the aging of human cells: currently the works are in the early stages and the possible implications are not clear.

This is not the first time that Bezos and Musk of punk: a few weeks ago Blue Origin had sued NASA for the SpaceX issue, but the two are also challenging themselves to sound billions in the world’s duck ranking. Bezos’ assets have recently exceeded 200 billion Dollars, but the distance from Musk has gradually narrowed and now the South African CEO has an estimated net worth of 199 billion Dollars.

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