Epic Games Closes Houseparty: What Will Happen To Fortnite? Details

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Eight people in video chat. This is (or rather, was) the main feature of Houseparty, an app purchased by Epic Games in 2019 and now ready to “retire.”

In particular, according to the report by The Verge, Tim Sweeney’s company announced that the service will be closed definitively in October 2021. The announcement by Epic Games arrived on September 9, 2021 and apparently the application will be removed essentially immediately from digital stores. Indeed, even at the time we write it seems that it is no longer possible to access the official Play Store and App Store app pages.

In short, software house known for titles as Fortnite decided to start immediately the phase of “shutdown” of the service. Speaking of the well-known Battle Royale video game, the most attentive of you will surely remember the integration between Fortnite and Houseparty performed by Epic Games. Well, even in this case it will be possible to continue to use the service only until October 2021.

In short, despite the excellent success of Fortnite, the video chat application, which according to Tim Sweeney’s company has been used by tens of millions of users, is about to end its service. However, in this context Epic Games announced that the team behind Houseparty is already working on new ways of interaction between users. In other words, the company probably has something bigger in mind for Fortnite and simply the Houseparty service is no longer part of its plan.

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