Epic Games Will Appeal To Apple: Yes, Even If It “Win”

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Don’t be “deception” by the fact that Apple will have to allow other forms of in-app purchases: the recent judgment of a judge doesn’t represent entirely what Epic Games wants to get.

In fact, a software house spokesman confirmed to the microphones of The Verge that the company will appeal. Although Epic Games has managed to achieve what can be called a “victory,” there are several reasons why Tim Sweeney and his associates have not yet made the judge’s decision.

After all, software house did not get what it hoped for. Fortnite for the moment remains outside the App Store and many of the “requests” of Epic Games have ended up in a “nothing in fact.” Apple can maintain current commissions for its own, “block” the sideload of applications and avoid accepting other digital stores. In short, it is no coincidence that Tim Sweeney has published a tweet stating that the sentence “is not a victory for developers and consumers. Epic is struggling for fair competition in terms of in-app payment methods and digital stores.”

Then, in another tweet, Sweeney said that “Fortnite will return to the App Store when and where Epic will be able to offer an in-app payment in fair competition with Apple’s in-app payment.” In short, the “diatribe” between Epic Games and Apple seems to be far from over. Among other things, according to 9to5Mac, Spotify also says that it is necessary to “set up” the issue further.

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