Ethical Yoga Clothing

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These yoga clothing brands are ethical.

If yoga is a practice of compassion and non-violence, then are we really staying true to what we wear on the yoga mat? As the popularity of yoga continues to grow, so too does the market for yoga brands that cater to both new and experienced yogis. But what about yoga clothing that is ethical?

A lot of us are self-isolating due to the worldwide Pandemic. It is allowing us to take a collective deep breath, and rethink our values, even though it is a busy time. If you have always wanted to take up yoga, or if you have let your practice fall by the wayside in your busy day-to-day life, why not use this chance to fall in love with an at- home yoga practice? If you can, support ethical businesses along the way as you buy yogawear. Talk about karma.

With higher demand and production comes a lower awareness and care for quality. The quality of the stitching is not the only thing. What about the message? The care for workers in the supply chain. The impact on the environment of producing and distributing these goods. We need to make sure that the brands we invest our hard-earned money into are protecting people, the planet and animals.

A yoga outfit needs a number of key ingredients. We are talking comfort, durability, breathability, coverage, fit, and cuteness, but maybe that last one is not essential.

Here are the brands that serve up some of the best yoga clothing on the market, with values and practices to match. The designs, fit, and size of these brands reflect the fact that they only offer women’s clothing.

If you are after ethical activewear eco friendly yoga clothes for men, we have you covered.

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