Euronics Offers 5 Smart Tvs Samsung And Sony At Crazy Prices: 1.800 Euro Less On 8K Tv!

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Although it is the last hours of the New Year’s leaflet, New Discounts from Euronics, offers on electronic products do not seem close to completion. In fact, the distribution chain also offers 5 smart TV Samsung and Sony high-end promotion, including an 8K QLED TV at 1,800 Euro less!

The cheapest of the mid-high-end televisions at intriguing prices is the Samsung UE65AU7170 with a 65-inch Crystal UHD 4K screen, with 50Hz refresh rate and H technology compatibility. Audio side is the Dolby Digital Plus decoder, while the operating system is Tizenos. The price is 635 Euro, compared to 949 Euro of list.

We already make a first important leap, without changing brand, with Samsung QE65Q80A, TV with 65-inch Ultra HD 4K QLED display, proposed at 1.199 Euro instead of 1.899 Euro. In this case the refresh rate is 100Hz, while there are no missing HLG and HDR10+ technologies. The audio decoder is always Dolby Digital Plus and, in this case as in the others mentioned, there is support for DVB-T2 for terrestrial digital.

We are in the same brand with Samsung QE65QN800A, the real protagonist of this proposed quintet at 2.699 Euro instead of 3.999 Euro but with refund of 500 Euro directly required by cashback Samsung, bringing the cut of It is a TV with 65-inch Neo QLED Ultra HD 8K panel with 100Hz, HLG, HDR10+, Dolby Prologic audio decoder and proprietary operating system Tizen.

So we move on to Sony Bravia XR65A83JAEP, OLED TV from 2.199 Euro instead of 2.799 Euro, equipped with 65-inch Ultra HD 4K panel to 100Hz, Google TV operating system, H video technology

This list includes the Sony Bravia XR77A80JAEP model, also with OLED Ultra HD 4K screen but 77 inches, with 100Hz, HDR, Dolby Vision, Dol update frequency The price? 3.149 Euro instead of 3.999 Euro.

On Amazon, you can find a 55-inch Sony Bravia OLED TV at 250 Euro less.

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