Euv, To Get Below 3 Nanometers Will Take $300 Million

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It’s clear now. If on the one hand Intel’s roadmap to the Era Angstrom has abandoned nanometers, we cannot say the same as regards Samsung, TSMC and many other players, now in full swing towards the node more

For many it seemed impossible to get below production processes at 10 or even 7 nanometers, the industry has brilliantly managed to prove the opposite, also complicit in the advent of the photolithography EUV. In this context, the ASML high-opening printer is inserted.

This machine, costing $300 million, will allow manufacturers to easily break through the wall of 3 nanometers, allowing them to reach new frontiers in terms of transistor density. Among the first ASML customers, among other things, is also the name Intel, which recently proposed its small big revolution in the desktop segment thanks to its first hybrid architecture, which we discussed in our review of Intel Core i9

A machine that could upset the current industrial structure, given the ease with which it is possible to overcome limits of size that are putting to the test the most high-sounding names in the industry. With ASML High NA, you can achieve particularly high resolutions in the mould of a wafer, allowing you to greatly streamline the EUV production process and avoiding further steps for adding additional specifications.

These products will be available to the main foundries as early as 2023, while in 2025 they should also allow for mass production.

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