Everyeye.It Searches New Newsers And Editors For The Tech & Lifestyle Section

1 Mins read selects new collaborators interested in the insertion of news in the section Technology. The role includes research, insertion and translation of news about the world of technology: telephony, PC hardware, TV, rumor and curiosity are the main topics of the section.

For the role of editor we are selecting a person with proven knowledge of the world of PC hardware, able to review components such as processors and video cards, with experience in the video world (live or video).

In this case, residence in Milan is a fundamental requirement.

For the role of newser: the work takes place remotely (no residence is necessary in Milan) within some predefined time slots, according to the availability and the requirements of the editorial staff.

It’s a freelance job.

Currently the search for a new newser focuses on these time slots:

8 to 13 (Monday/Friday)

or from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. (Monday/Friday)

or from 18 to 20 (Monday/Friday)

21-23 (Monday/Friday)

9am to 1pm on weekends (Saturday/Sunday)

from 15 to 18 on weekends (Saturday/Sunday)

7 pm to 10 pm on weekends (Saturday/Sunday)

On weekends (Saturday and Sunday) we look for newsers

The possibility of moving on different shifts as necessary is not excluded. They are of fundamental importance in addition to the knowledge of Italian language and the world of technology, a good ability to write and translation.

To participate in the selection you will have to send at least 5 news, no less than 200 words, complete with titles and related links to the original source. Please indicate the time it takes to write each piece of news.

The collaboration is paid in both cases, the details will be discussed with the selected candidates. The address to be sent to is [email protected]

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