Extraordinary Discovery In Rome: Found Ancient “Doghead” Half A Meter Below The City

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The discoveries of finds of ancient Rome are a reason for great archaeological ferment and the effigy from animal features carry an even greater charm. Not long ago, a record was found showing barbaric prisoners fed to lions. This time scientists have brought to light an ancient terracotta dog head.

The artifact was found by a scientific team, belonging to the archaeology department of the Italian Ministry of Culture, below a common urban passage. The experts were intent on making surveys at the excavations in via Luigi Tosti in the Appio Latino, in order to make a replacement in the water supply plant.

During the technical investigations, the site was transformed into yet another discovery of finds from ancient Rome, one of the countless scattered in the eternal city. The statue, with a size of just a palm, represents a dog with large punctuous ears and thick fur, whose features cover the artifact up to the neck of the animal.

Around the neck it is possible to notice a tool that has all the air of being a collar with an emblem and a little lower, between the legs, is visible the presence of an object with a circular shape. The statue of the dog, according to archaeologists, seems to be a decorative ornament grafted to the roof drainage system, but having found no cracks for the actual drainage of the water, its purpose could have been purely or

The statue was at a depth of just 0.5 meters under the road and was not alone. In fact, two other finds were found, dating from the first century BC to the first century AD.

The analysis of the findings found has allowed to note the belonging a little more macabre and lugubre than the canine effigy, as it is a funerary ceramic urn, inside which were clogged bones In addition, evidence has been found at the site of the discovery suggesting the outbreak of a fire at the burial site.

The Special Superintendence Archaeology, Fine Arts and Landscape of Rome, on the discovery, declared “Once again Rome shows important traces of the past in all its urban fabric.”

And to satisfy the thirst for antiquity of the grassed archaeologists among you, did you know why many ancient statues do not have a nose?

At the bottom of the news you can admire an image, belonging to the photographer Fabio Caricchia and the Italian Ministry of Culture, which depicts the ancient artifact with the look of the dog.

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