Faa Vs Spacex: New Delays For Elon Musk Company, Slip Starship Orbital Tests

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SpaceX is working hard to bring its new jewel, the Starship spacecraft, into an optimal state to perform orbital flight tests. However, these will not be possible until the FAA has completed its environmental impact analyses. Looks like this report is gonna be late.

A new, bad news for multibillionaire Elon Musk: it seems that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will not be able to meet the deadline of December 31 for the delivery of its report on the environmental impact that the orbital launches of the Starship The US Department of Transport Agency says it will take at least two more months to complete the review.

This was the result of an official statement issued by the FAA on 28 December. This news will not only bring discontent in the SpaceX staff (which is already fighting hard with the time factor to make it to the Moon by the end of 2023), but also some important referrals in orbital tests and experiments concerning the plants of

Without this environmental review, it is impossible for any entity to obtain an appropriate licence to run such launches. Without the FAA’s green light, no orbital tests can be performed, even if Starship and Super Heavy modules are already beautiful and ready on the launch pad.

The new deadline for the delivery of the report is therefore updated not before 28 February 2022, burning practically two months of operation in which the company of Elon Musk could have carried out one, or even two orbital tests. It is not to be excluded that this date is not further extended, as work is rather complex and thousands of different data are still needed to produce an exhaustive report.

As you can read below, the FAA has already angered Elon Musk.

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