Facebook And Instagram Back In Sight: They Are Harmful To The Mental Health Of Young People

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The impact of social networks on the mental health of young people has been studied for some time: last December, for example, an analysis led to the discovery that online discrimination leads to an accentuated depression. Well, a new report from the Wall Street Journal would confirm the ‘rather negative’ impact of Instagram again.

The Wall Street Journal would resume an internal search conducted by Facebook itself and then not shared with the public, but to which US journalists would have access through an anonymous source. The key conclusion is as follows: over 40% of Instagram’s teenage users in the United States and the UK have started to feel ‘unattractive’ since they use Facebook’s social media, calling themselves ‘dependent’. In an internal presentation at Mark Zuckerberg’s company, we would also notice the following statement: ♪ We make the problems of body image worse for a teenage girl in three ♪

However, as we descend into detail, this internal research presented in 2019 would signal that Even more shocking would be the following Facebook data: Among teenagers, 13% of British users and 6% of American users would have suicidal thoughts related to Instagram.

According to WSJ, these results would never have been shared even by the top executives of the company during the audit to which political personalities took part as Senator Richard Blumenthal, who declared to the US head: Facebook seems to take a page from Big Tobacco’s textbook: targeting teenagers with potentially dangerous products while masking science in public

In short, Facebook continues to be in the crosshairs of politicians and psychologists, looking for concrete answers to protect the mental health of teenagers online.

Another analysis recently conducted would have shown that 5.8 million VIPs are \\’privaplegies \\\\\ on Facebook, due to Cross Check moderation software.

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