Facebook Is Working On Efficient And Green Processors For Its Servers

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According to a rumor, Facebook is developing chips for its data centers. These are machine learning processors, which will probably be used for algorithms that suggest content to users of Mark Zuckerberg’s proprietary social networks.

For other sources, however, new CPUs should improve video encoding, allowing for higher quality streaming and video on Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. Regardless of the use of new processors, their creation would allow Menlo Park’s company to no longer depend on other manufacturers such as Intel and Qualcomm, while it could reduce the ecological footprint of data centers.

Facebook CPUs will probably work in contact with third-party CPUs, as they would not be components aimed at the total replacement of systems in use. According to a representative of the company, “Facebook continuously explores new ways to reach ever higher levels of performance and energy efficiency, both through relationships with partners and internal research. At the moment, however, we have nothing to announce about this.”

To think that the company can work on in-house processors is not that strange, considering that already in 2019 Facebook had announced specific integrated circuits for its applications, always aimed at improving the quality of videos and reducing economic and environmental costs.

It is still unclear whether the processors will be used to strengthen the company’s hardware, perhaps in view of the launch of new smart glasses produced by Facebook with Ray-Ban and EssilorLuxottica, or whether they will be used also in the fight

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