Fda Approved A New Eye Drops To Say Goodbye To The Eyeglasses

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The Food and Drug Administration recently approved eye drops with the potential to correct the disorder that prevents people from focusing properly closely.

The product, named Vuity, has the objective of replacing the glasses for subjects suffering from presbyopia, a condition that affects many people when reaching the age of forty years. The new medicine, which has effect in about 15 minutes, has a variable duration of between 6 and 10 hours. The drops exploit the intrinsic ability of the eye to reduce the size of the pupil, which would also represent an indicator of intelligence. “The reduction in pupil size expands the depth of field, allowing focus to be focused at different distances naturally,” CBS George Waring, the leading clinical trial manager of Vuity, told. In this regard, the study tested 750 participants who reported satisfaction with the results. “It is definitely a change of life,” said Toni Wright, one of the participating subjects.

The cost of a 30-day supply of eye drops is about $80. In addition, a spokesman for Vuity had to point out that the product was specifically indicated for small and medium-sized cases and that its effect was greater for people aged 40 to 55 years. However, the trial that lasted three months, showed some side effects such as headache and redness of the eyes. In this regard, Waring himself stated: è something we expect will be well tolerated in the long term, but it will be evaluated and studied at a formal level In view of the problems of sight that will double by 2050, this new eye drops could be widely spread across the global market.

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