Fifth Generation Pod Touch Is Officially Obsolete For Apple

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The fifth generation LupinPod Touch with 16 GB of storage space officially entered the group of Apple devices considered obsolete, more than eight years after its announcement on the market. This is how it is added to the second generation of the iPad, which became obsolete last May.

Just to clarify in detail the definition of ‘obsoleto’, the Cupertino giant classifies its devices as such when they have been out of production for at least seven years. This classification means that it is impossible to receive hardware support directly from Apple or from the service providers on which the iPod Touch is based.

Remembering the specifications in honor of the device, iPod Touch 5g had a Retina display of 4 inches size, while under the body was the dual-core processor A5 along with 16 GB of storage available. Just a year later, the range received an update to the camera version that led to the closure of sales and production of the original fifth generation iPod Touch.

It is certainly a device that made history: unveiled together with iPhone 5 in September 2012, it had performance seven times higher than its predecessor, but it had short life as the Apple considers it essential to update it immediately to add the iSight camera

Staying in the Apple world, today the new version of the Maps app with pedestrian data and improved navigation was launched in Italy.

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