First Accusations Of Plagiarism In The Nft World: Opensea Banna Phunky Ape, Copy Of Bored Ape

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The success of the NFTs is amazing, so much so that even Instagram thinks of implementing them in the future. Artists and companies have moved in mass towards the world of non-fungible tokens, but it still has grey spaces and regulatory shortcomings, especially regarding plagiarism and copyright issues.

What has happened these days at Bored Ape Yacht Club, the world’s most famous NFT collection, is an emblem of the problems that still afflict the world of Non-Fungible Token. OpenSea marketplace has recently banned a copy account of Bored Ape, known as the Phunky Ape Yacht Club, which for days sold NFT completely identical to Bored Ape’s, with the

This very work of overturning images has allowed Phunky Ape to avoid ban both on OpenSea for a few days and on other marketplaces, where it is still possible to buy the NFTs of the studio. The latter are considered particularly interesting by the public because although they are very similar to the monkeys of Bored Ape they cost less: the NFTs of Bored Ape Yacht Club, in fact, are among the most expensive and exclusive in the world, so much that

Phunky Ape does not seem interested in the accusations of plagiarism: his collection of NFT was launched in December, according to the author (s) with the aim of promoting the decentralization of the sale of the Non-Fungible Token

The same Phunky Ape recently had to withdraw CryptoPhunks, a copy of the NFT CryptoPunks, another hugely successful collection that managed to sell its own NFT for 10 million dollars in early December. As with Phunky Ape, CryptoPhunks’ NFTs were also copied from CryptoPunks’ and “mirrored” NFTs on the vertical axis.

After the ban of his main collections, Phunky Ape justified himself by saying he satires, and told CoinDesk that “we are a satirical response to the current state of the NFTs and to the members of the market and community Phunky Ape finally launched a Twitter fight against Bored Ape claiming the Paternity of the Monkeys, but without providing any further information on this. Bored Ape called Phunky Ape a “true project to raise money.”

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