Flowspace Pod Is Office 2.0 According To Microsoft: Revolution In The World Of Hybrid Work?

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Coronavirus pandemic has changed the world of work, first introducing remote work and then hybrid work as responses to the health situation, but in all probability there will be tangible realities even in the post-pandemic. The new frontier of work, however, could be the office in Metaverse of Meta and Microsoft.

Microsoft, in particular, seems to be interested in anticipating future trends in work and smartworking: a few days ago, for example, the company announced the Teams Essentials suite for small and medium-sized enterprises. Today, Microsoft’s Flowspace Pod has won the 2021 Red Dot Design Award as the “best of best design.” But what exactly is Redmond’s Flowspace Pod?

Flowspace Pod is a kind of modern “office cabin,” created by the Microsoft Office Envisioning Team and designed for hybrid work, that is for the work system in which employees work partly from home and partly from the office. The idea behind the Pod is therefore to offer a “sanctuary” where every employee can concentrate and not be distracted when he needs to perform complex or particularly delicate jobs, or simply when he does not want to interact with his colleagues.

Flowspace Pod, which contains a seat, a Windows PC and some coffee tables, does not physically isolate employees from each other, but makes it clear when they want to stay alone to focus on the work, thanks to the adjustable external “walls” In addition, the space has LED lights that do not strain employees’ eyes, an ergonomic chair and a large touchscreen, which Microsoft sees as the perfect replacement for a desk with stacks of paper documents.

Thanks to its features, which earned him the Red Dot design award, Microsoft Flowspace Pod is running for a central role in the recovery of work in presence and hybrid post-pandemic: according to the Redmond giant, even At the bottom link, however, you can take a look at the video made by Red Dot of Microsoft’s office 2.0.

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