Found A Big Oil Spill In The Sea, But Nobody Knows Who Did

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A large oil spill was discovered off the coast of Louisiana last Thursday thanks to satellite images. The strange thing is that no company has notified the competent authorities of the loss, according to the New York Times.

Satellite images from the space technology company Planet Labs and Maxar Technologies show a 16-kilometer long oil trail in the Gulf of Mexico. According to US Coast Guard officials, the black gold spill comes from an old oil pipeline owned by Talos Energy, an oil and gas company based in Texas.

The pipeline may have been damaged by the recent Ida hurricane. However, as reported by the Associated Press, Talos Energy stated that he did not believe he was responsible for oil in water. The company has however hired Clean Gulf Associates, a non-profit group that tries to limit oil spills, to help control pollution.

Currently, a team of private divers are trying to locate the source, so they can find the culprit. Talos Energy said on the issue: “The company will continue to work closely with the US Coast Guard and other state and federal agencies to identify the source of the release and coordinate a positive response.”

I mean, let’s hope the perpetrator is located and responds to his actions. Unfortunately, even in the Mediterranean a large spot of oil has been located (but the culprit is known this time).

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