Francesco Facchinetti And Gialappa’s Band Ready For The Launch Of Italia Nft

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After Francesco Facchinetti’s parenthesis on Stonex One (perhaps the most well-known experience of the television host in the tech field, but certainly not the only one, just think of AppleKiss), we now find his name in a

Yes, you understand: it is about to be launched what is called “the first Italian platform dedicated to NFT” in a post on Facebook by the Gialappa’s Band. The event will be held on 16 December 2021 at 6:00 pm on the Twitch channel of the Gialappa’s Band and will see the commentary of the popular comic group and Francesco Facchinetti as conductor.

In short, it is not exactly everyday news to hear that a well-known Italian comic group and television host will participate in an event to launch a platform linked to the Non-fungible token, token crypto that in fact “certify” and By the way, this happens at a time when Vodafone has launched the NFT auction of the first SMS ever sent.

Don’t worry if you haven’t understood anything: you can possibly refer to our in-depth study of what NFTs are. For the rest, the announcement of the Gialappa’s Band is of those that probably did not expect many.

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