From January 2022 Arrive Fines For Operators Who Do Not Accept Payments With Pos

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The Italian Government’s cashback and super cashback program has given an important boost to the spread of digital payments in our country, and more and more people rely on debit and credit cards for micropayment. From January 1, 2022 a new legislation for dealers who do not accept the POS is taken.

This is an amendment to the Decree of the Inpatients, recently approved by the Budget Committee in the House. From January 1, 2022, 30 Euro sanctions will be imposed, to which 4% of the value of the purchased product or service must be added, for shopkeepers who decide not to accept electronic payments by card.

As the Corriere della Sera noted, the obligation to accept payments with POS has been introduced for some time, but the previous rule did not include any kind of sanction in this regard. In the 2020 maneuver, a similar amendment had been deleted. According to the newspaper, the amendment also specifies that the obligation to accept electronic payments is fulfilled when the operator gives the possibility to pay with at least one type of debit card and at least one type of credit card. Basically, therefore, the shopkeeper will not be obliged to accept all existing cards, but at least one of debt and one of debt of some circuits.

Again from this front, we point out that Poste recently introduced Apple Pay support for its cards.

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