From The Fear Of Yellow To That Of Umbelicchi: The Most Absurd Phobias

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By “phobia” we mean that irrational and persistent discomfort that leads people to avoid certain situations, people or objects. If fear is a natural response to danger, phobia is instead an unreasonable fear that occurs under non-risky circumstances. There are some really crazy ones, you know which ones?


Xantophobia is the fear of yellow color, so usually those who are affected fear every object, auto, yellow flower.

Hippopotomnstrose squipedaliophobia

Also called sesquipedalophobia indicates the fear of long words (ironic). Scientists say it could be caused by stress experienced at childhood age when they have to read loudly in front of the class too long words. The fear of error could lead to this phobia.


Ephebifobic people are afraid of teenagers, they perceive them as out of control and potentially dangerous humans. Those with this phobia may even give up visiting friends if they have teenagers in their homes.


It’s the irrational fear of the umbilicals. People with onfalophobia will tend to avoid even looking at or touching their navel. Some even wear a blindfold to avoid seeing him.


Perhaps because of its similarity to the sign of infinity, Octophobic people are not simply afraid of the number 8 but may also fear groupings of objects in eight.


It occurs mainly in children and fortunately disappears with age but happens that sometimes it persists in adults. It’s about the fear of taking a bath, showering, cleaning up in general. In some cases, however, this phobia is linked to both the phobia of water itself (acquaphobia) and to a traumatic event that involved water.


Optophobia is the fear of opening your eyes. Usually this condition is caused by generalized anxiety disorders and unfortunately it is often debilitating for those affected by it, since it is very difficult for a person to carry out his daily activities without opening his eyes.


It is also called spectrophobia or catoptrophobia. Eisotrophobic people are afraid of mirrors and therefore of mirroring themselves in any reflective surface. The reasons for this phobia may be different; superstition or self-esteem problems.


Tripophobia is the fear of holes and we have already discussed it in depth in our article: why are people afraid of holes?, you should have a look!

There are absurd phobias and we have treated many, who knows that we will not continue to do so very soon…

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