Gift Cryptocurrencies: Young Platform Launches The Challenge, 10 Sands Free!

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Announced on Twitter by the official account of The Sandbox, and by Young Platform itself on its blog, this new promotional initiative will allow many users to get 10 SANDs for free.

As we approach the festivities, among other things, Young Platform suggested Bitcoin as a Christmas present, but the digital currency of the moment is the official currency of the Sandbox metaverse. With an updated value of $5.23 for a single SAND at December 8, 2021, this is an interesting opportunity for the luckiest to get a prize of some value. But what are the terms of the promotion?

For starters, the time available will be limited and to be exact from 8 December 2021 to 23:59 on 18 December 2021. The prize pool is also limited, but the conditions are multiple. To obtain 10 SANDs, you need to purchase 2.5 and the prize will only go to the first 10000 users who will make a new registration to Young Platform and start the process of verification of identity from day 8. This means that those who have been in approval for a few days but are not yet enabled will not be eligible.

As explained in the Young Platform instructions, canceling your account and carrying out a new registration procedure will not entitle you to the award, while another limit is age, since only adult people can participate in the initiative.

In addition, only new purchases of 2.5 SANDs and no transfers from other portfolios will be compatible with the 10 SANDs free. We have already explained how to buy cryptocurrencies on Young Platform, an all-Italian company that bases its services on Italian banks, making the whole ecosystem incredibly reliable. This platform, among other things, offers multiple other possibilities of gain, including those offered by Young Platform Step.

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