Good 2022: 5 Technologies That We Will Really See In The Year Of Perfect Dark

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Ladies and gentlemen, good 2022 from the Tech section of Everyeye. Uncuffed the sparkling wine and exchanged the pleasantries, it is interesting to deepen a curiosity you might not have thought about: we officially reached the year of Perfect Dark.

Of course, we refer to the 2000 video game for Game Boy Color, whose plot started right at the beginning of 2022 (two years after Perfect Dark Zero, which started from 2020). Of course, the title developed by Rare imagined a different present than the one we are living in: to be clear, Agent Joanna Dark’s adventure intersected with cyborgs and aliens. The latter have not yet been shown in the real world, but Perfect Dark’s was a good example of what 2022 was seen as “unattainable future” at the beginning of the century.

But here we are. The situation is quite different from that described by the above video game, but it is interesting to take a look at 5 technologies that we are really seeing in this historical period and that we will also see during 2022.

The association with Perfect Dark can only be related to robots. Of course, the cyborgs of the Rare title do not exist in the real world, but we have recently seen humanoid robots particularly convincing from the point of view of facial expressions. Technology seems to have made giant strides from that point of view and probably even in the year just begun we will see some beautiful ones.

Going instead in addition to Perfect Dark, 2022 could represent, lack of chips allowing, the year of folding smartphones. More and more important realities are focusing on this type of devices, just think of the recent announcement of OPPO Find N. Clearly there are several factors that could “limit” the rise of foldables, but we will see.

Finally, we cannot fail to refer to the announcement of the Metaverse by Zuckerberg, as well as to the news in the NFT and Web3 areas. In short, the key words in the tech field for 2022 seem to be: folding smartphones, Metaverso, NFT, Web3 and humanoid robots (quiet, the cyborgs of Perfect Dark seem to be still far away). How will the sector evolve over the next 12 months? We’re here to find out: stay tuned on these pages. We renew the wishes of Happy New Year.

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