Good News: Tsmc Has Raised Apple Chip Prices By Only 3%

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In the last days of August 2021, the TSMC has worried its customers and global consumers by announcing a rise in chip wafers prices ranging from 10 to 20% depending on the production node. In the case of Apple, however, there is a much lower increase, which is only 3%. Why this favor treatment?

According to Chinese analyst Lu Xingzhi and taken up by ITHome, the Cupertino giant would have received this treatment as it represents the main customer of the Taiwanese chip manufacturer; therefore, given the high volume of wafers required each Moreover, without the payments of the US company TSMC would prosper much less and would find little room to invest in new, more advanced production processes.

Other reasons behind this choice should be seen in the variability of the increase in prices per producer: in addition to the favorable treatments, in fact, the increases in the quotas to be paid would depend on the volume of orders by the customer and the node used. In other words, in other specific cases, it may be possible to see an increase below the minimum given to 10%.

Lu Xingzhi finally considered it interesting to observe how other customers such as AMD, Nvidia and MediaTek have not received the same offer, at least until today. Will he make a similar decision in the coming weeks? If not, how will such great names of the tech world react? But most importantly, will we end customers see a further increase in the prices of final products, especially the latest generation video cards? All the answers to these questions will come in due time.

Regarding graphics cards, the latest market analyses have shown a new rise in prices and a decrease in the availability of certain specific models for NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 and AMD Radeon RX 6000 series.

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