Goodbye Revil: Ransomware Group Arrested By Russian Authorities With Surprise Raid

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The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) announced today, Friday 14 January 2022, that it broke in and interrupted the operations of the notorious Revil ransomware band. After the coup d’Azur by the FBI in October 2021, the Russian authorities also decided to act with an unprecedented move.

The news about this operation is really surprising, since until today it had seemed highly unlikely that Russian President Vladimir Putin would act in such a drastic way against ransomware groups of the country, as invited by US President Joe Biden. The note published a few hours ago is clear: • Following joint actions by the FSB and the Ministry of Home Affairs of Russia, the organised criminal community [REvil] has ceased to exist, the information infrastructure used for criminal

The Russian authorities have not issued the names of suspects, who have been accused under the Russian law of alleged “illegal circulation of specific payment methods’, in this case cryptocurrencies. It is known, in fact, that exactly how China also Russia is particularly opposed to the crypto world. Among other things, the FSB has reported to have seized about 6 million Dollars in cryptocurrencies, 600,000 Dollars in cash, computers and 20 luxury cars.

It seems to have ended here, then, the adventure of the Revil, in what is one of the most incredible raids of recent years: the Russian authorities have broken into 25 different addresses, between Moscow, St. Petersburg, Leningrad and Lip Who knows how the other ransomware groups will react to this offensive.

Meanwhile, new analyses confirm that North Korean hackers have stolen 400 million dollars in crypto in 2021.

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