Google Accused Of Illegally Underpaid Thousands Of Workers

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The days are particularly busy in the tech field those that are leading us to mid-September 2021. In fact, there is not only the “diatribe” between Epic Games and Apple to get people to argue. For example, Google would have illegally overpaid thousands of workers, according to a report.

According to The Verge and ArsTechnica, the allegations made to Sundar Pichai’s company are that they have violated the laws of the United Kingdom, Europe and Asia regarding temporary workers. The Guardian claims to have been in possession of emails and documents in Google, where some Mountain View company executives would prove to be aware of the issue as early as May 2019.

The Guardian report, therefore, “ticks the finger” against Google, accusing her of not complying with the regulations that require temporary workers to pay equally compared to what they did with full-time employees who do similar work. In addition, the Mountain View company is accused of not having acted immediately, “correcting payments” only more than two years later than the alleged documents that would have been obtained from the source.

According to the Guardian, Google’s executives were concerned “about the increase in costs for those departments that depend heavily on temporary workers, the potential legal repercussions and the negative attention from the press.”

Following the allegations, Mountain View’s company claimed to have initiated internal investigations. Moreover, at the Guardian microphones, Spyro Karetsos, Chief Compliance Officer of Google, said: “This process has not been managed consistently with the high standards we are following as a company. […] We will review our practices in this area. In other words, we are trying to understand what went wrong and why it happened, as well as to fix it.”

Meanwhile, an informant, who decided to be represented by Whistleblower Aid’s lawyers, filed a complaint regarding alleged violations at the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In this case, reference is made to the fact that the alleged Google omissions related to the affair, which could amount to about $100 million, would constitute significant errors in relation to the company’s quarterly financial reports. In other words, Sundar Pichai’s company was also accused of providing “misleading” information for investors in the United States of America.

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