Google Assistant In The European Antitrust Sight For Alleged Forced Monopoly

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Google continues to be in the sights of governments and Antitrust bodies around the world: in addition to the South Korean cyclone on payments in the Play Store, which also involves the Apple rival App Store, now there is also

According to MLex and taken up by the Reuters press agency, the European Commission would have launched this investigation into the possible Google monopoly in the field of voice assistants. Specifically, the Commission would be interested in the possible Big G strategies to force OEMs to pre-install Google Assistant and make it the default assistant, potentially forcing exclusivity against smartph manufacturers

The opposite evidence is not lacking: we know that on Samsung smartphones we find Bixby, while on Xiaomi, OPPO and other devices there are other voice assistants alternative to Google Assistant. Siri and Alexa are not counted, of course, as Android products do not present them. The details on non-Google voice assistants, however, could hang the balance in favour of the mountain view giant; otherwise, the latter could incur fines of up to 10% of the total turnover.

Also about antitrust investigations against Google, a recent complaint in the United States led to the discovery of the company’s earnings with the Play Store, thanks to the first, historical publication of the official data of the application store.

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