Google, California Non-Disclosure Agreements For Former Employees Violate The Law

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After learning about the battle between Google and Apple on iMessage, we are back to talking about the mountain view giant because of a ruling by the Supreme Court of the State of California on a case taken

According to the established opinion, Google will have to re-elaborate the terms of the non-disclosure agreements on its employees’ contracts, since, apparently, they would violate the State’s labour law laws.

In particular, we talk about the clauses that prevented the employee, once he left the position in Google, from talking about their previous work experience even with future employers. Originally, the case had been rejected and a judge had accepted Google’s observations as adherents to federal laws. The appeal process, however, reversed the judgment as the laws of the State go further as regards the protection of workers’ rights.

Google has not yet commented on the judgment, the result of which would allow former employees to talk about their experience within the Californian company, although they cannot share details about the trade secrets, whose agreements remain unchanged. This could make it easier for the former staff to clarify why they have moved away from that job, making recruitment procedures by other companies simpler and more transparent. Furthermore, this could also benefit victims of aggression or harassment, as Engadget observed.

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