Google Chrome: Dark Mode Is Finally Available For Pc

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Google finally introduced the dark theme on Chrome for PC, after implementing it on its apps for iOS and Android last May. The feature rollout is currently underway, so you may need to wait a few hours to reach your computers.

Once your browser is updated, you can select the new mode from Chrome settings: The dark theme will be automatically applied to all search engine apps where you will have logged in at the time of upgrade. Next to the dark theme, Google has also added the clear theme, while the current settings will be made available as “default” and selectable at any time.

Once you choose your favorite view, this will appear on the main page of the search engine and on that of the search results. It also seems that you can switch from dark to clear mode in a moment thanks to an icon placed at the top right in the browser. Google also announced tests to enter the feature on the mobile browser, but did not provide any further information.

To receive the dark theme remember to keep your browser up to date: in this regard, a new version of Google was launched in beta, while the Mountain View giant recommends to frequently update Chrome to not stumble into viruses and

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