Google Looks At The Blockchain: A Google Labs Team Is Already At Work

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Google Labs would be working on blockchain and related technologies. It is the indiscretion launched today by Bloomberg, according to which the search engine giant would create a new team within its Labs that is studying the system and possible applications for data management and storage.

The team’s head would be Shivakumar Venkataraman, who has worked on advertising infrastructure and payment systems for over a decade.

In the report published by the press agency, which quotes a source close to Google, it is stated that “the unit that works on the blockchain is relatively small compared to those that deal with other Google products.” This is likely to be more research-oriented than products to be made available to end consumers.

Over the last few years, Google Labs have been working on several projects that have never seen the light before. Google’s unit is a complete incubator, and among other projects and technologies it is working on is also augmented reality.

It’s not clear whether Google is really interested in the cryptocurrencies market or not, but a few years ago the search engine had defined the cryptocurrencies coins not real

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