Google Maps Brings Detailed Maps To Italy: You Start From Rome

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Google also brings detailed maps of Google Maps to Italy, already available for almost two years in the United States and ready to arrive in our country. The mountain view giant, specifically, launched the function starting from the capital Rome.

Detailed maps of Google Maps allow users to access a larger audience of information while browsing. Specifically, Maps is able to show the pedestrian stripes, the pavements, the pedestrian islands, but also the shape and width of a sloping road.

This work is possible thanks to integrated artificial intelligence, which is can understand urban landscapes around the world and thus provides more accurate and real information for the most important metropolis in the world. It is no coincidence that Italy has left Rome, which is not only the capital but also one of the busiest cities visited by tourists.

With this new system, users can better plan their travel and travel, even if you use a stroller or wheelchair.

This is one of the many new features that introduced the search engine, which during the Christmas season helped users avoid queues through Google Maps.

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