Google Pixel Fold: The Form Factor Checks In The Beta Of Android 12L

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Google Pixel Fold, whose code name, “Google Pipit,” appeared in Google’s camera APK, continues to be rumbled on the foldable smartphone. The same site, in the past hours, has scanned the new Android 12L beta, within which it has found new evidence of the existence of the device.

In particular, the second beta of Android 12L has arrived on several Google Pixel devices in the past hours, with the exception of the latest Google Pixel 6. Analyzing some visual assets found in the build of the operating system released by Big G, 9to5Google claims to have discovered animations that shown Google Pixel Fold, or at least a stylized version of the latter

In particular, 9to5Mac claims to have found the animations in the SIM entry guide in the device: Android, in fact, shows visual guidelines, different from device to device, related to how to correctly insert the SIM in the smartphone Among these animations-guide, the American portal found an animation related to the smartphone “Google Pipit,” the codename with which Pixel Fold is known.

9to5Google also pointed out that animations may not be definitive, but it is a solid enough basis to speculate on the device design. In particular, two images show Google Pipit open and closed, letting you see a form factor “wallet” but squared, different from the “high and narrow” of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. If we want to compare, Google Pixel Fold looks pretty similar to the recent OPPO Find N folding.

As the images show the button for volume adjustment in relief, we can think that the switch on and off will be integrated into the body of Pixel Fold, and will probably also present a fingerprint sensor. According to the calculations of 9to5Google, the aspect ratio of the device will be 7:8, with a diagonal of 7.6″.

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