Google Stadia Arrives On The Smart Tv Lg: Here Are The Requirements To Download The App

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A few days after the latest update of the Google Stadia app, LG confirmed that Google’s cloud gaming application is available for all its Smart TVs with WebOS 5.0 or higher in the 22 countries covered

If you own a Smart TV LG with WebOS 5.0 or WebOS 6.0 you can download the Google Stadia app from the LG App Store, which is directly accessible from the TV. Given the manufacturer’s requirements, almost every television set on the market in 2020 or 2021 should be able to download the Stadia application without any problems.

Google Stadia’s arrival should make smart TV owners interested in video games happy: the latter, in fact, are now the perfect device for the cloud gaming, because the company promised some months ago that it is Stadia In particular, GeForce Now was released on LG TV on November 19, while Stadia is rolling out in these hours.

Both the Stadia app and GeForce Now can be tested for free, as they provide some free games or 30-minute trial sessions (for Stadia) or an hour (for GeForce Now) even to those who do not own the app.

To play with Stadia you don’t even need a controller: for several video games available in the Google catalogue, in fact, the “Bridge Mode” is active, which allows you to use the touchscreen of your smartphone as controller

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