Green Pass, All Clear To Extension: That’s Where It’s Mandatory

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The Council of Ministers gave the green light to the extension of the use of the Green Pass, the Green Certification that ensures negative buffer, vaccination or healing from Covid-19. The Government intends to further expand its use from here to the end of October, as leaked.

The decree approved today establishes the mandatory use of the Green Pass for workers entering schools, universities and Assisted Health Residences (RSA). This obligation also extends to employees of external cleaning, canteens and maintenance firms.

This rule is in addition to the one already in force for places open to the public (restaurants, cinemas, theatres, museums, swimming pools and sports centres, festivals and fairs, spas, cultural centres, etc.) and also for school staff The Green Pass, let us remember, is also mandatory for long-distance trains, but also for aircraft and ships and in recent days it has often been discussed whether to extend its use also to local public transport, but still does not seem to have been made a final decision.

For all information on the Green Pass Covid-19, we refer you to our dedicated in-depth study. If you want to understand how the VerifyC19 app works, which is used for controls, a faq is available published on these pages a few months ago.

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